Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Olivia Two Month Update

Today Olivia is two months old!!
Olivia has changed so much since we first brought her home from the hospital. There were a lot of firsts for Olivia this month and too many to put in one blog post. I have not been good about writing a lot of blog posts, but I have been taking a lot of pictures! I posted a few of these pictures below to share some of these monumental moments with you.
Olivia's two month old picture!
Olivia started smiling this past month. She started smiling for Jon first, but eventually flashed Mama this beautiful smile!

Olivia also started going to the church nursery and she loves it!! They pray for her and have story time, which is such a blessing.

Olivia had her first playdate with Baby Luke! It was so much fun to finally get these two together!

Olivia loves her first Denver Broncos jersey that she got from Uncle Gary and Auntie Kara!

I am excited to see what else Olivia learns this next month! Jon and I are trying to cherish every moment that we have with Olivia while she is little. We know it won't last forever.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Olivia's Dedication

This morning at Macedonia Baptist Church, before our church family, Jon and I dedicated Olivia to the Lord! It was such a wonderful morning. There were a lot of other babies being dedicated at the same time as Olivia. It is nice to know that we won't be alone as Olivia grows up here in Longview!

Olivia is only 8 weeks old, but it was important for us to stand before our church family and ask them to help us raise our daughter to fear the Lord. We stood before our church asking them to keep us accountable to live our lives in a way that honors the Lord. It was a challenge to Jon and I to continue to maintain a daily relationship with God.  I tried my best to hold back tears while our Pastor prayed for our small family. I was overwhelmed with so many different emotions! I was happy, hopeful, joyful, fearful, nervous, excited, and many more.

It was such a wonderful morning and the main reason I am writing about this is because I do not want to forget about what we did this morning!

Thanks Auntie Kara for sending us the perfect outfit to us for dedication Sunday! We have a lot of family who did not get to be here for Olivia's dedication. I hope you enjoy these pictures below.

Olivia hanging out with Daddy before church.

Olivia received a few things from Macedonia Baptist Church to help remember this important day! she got a certificate, personalized Bible, and a flower.

Olivia Jane Newsham
"Symbol of Peace"

Life Verse: "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." - Isaiah 41:10 

Mommy and Olivia after church

Olivia loves her church family too!

Our little family

Our friends and family live all over the world and even though you could not be there this morning, we would like you to keep us accountable too! We hope that you will continue to pray for us and that God would give us wisdom as we raise Olivia. Please pray for Olivia's salvation and that she will trust in the Lord as her Savior!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Quick Post

It is so sad that I have not written a blog post for this blog in over three weeks! I love blogging and this is just evidence to support how busy I have been for the last seven weeks. It's not that I don't want to write blog posts, because I do! However, in the last seven weeks it's been more important for me to take care of Olivia than worry about my own needs. In an effort to bring some balance into my life, I am sitting down to write a little.

Olivia is already starting to get fussy so I will just share three things with you.

In the last week, Olivia has begun to smile! I love her smile and I especially love when she is smiling at me! The first few times she smiled was when Jon would come home from work. She LOVES her Daddy and seeing him walk through the door each night brought a smile to her face. A few days later she started smiling for me! It is so hard to get anything done when I have this beautiful girl staring back up at me!

Olivia smiling earlier today.

I love this girl!

The first audiobook that Olivia listened to with me was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I adore the Harry Potter books! Not once did I ever sit back and consider whether or not this was age appropriate for my daugther. I was just excited to share these wonderful books with Olivia!

Finally, Olivia is strong. She has incredible strength in her neck since the day that she was born. She is such a strong little girl. One day, as a woman, Olivia will need to be reminded of this fact and I want to be able to be the one to encourage her when the time comes. I want to be able to tell her that God has made her to be a strong woman, but He is even stronger.

Olivia hanging out in her Bumbo seat.

Writing this blog post was so much fun! I forgot how much I love blogging. Now my blogging juices are flowing again and I can't wait to write another post soon!


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