Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Solos

I forgot to tell you all that Jon soloed his first students yesterday!!

Fireproof Your Marriage Bible Study

For the last six weeks Jon and I have been leading a young couples Bible study. The book that we decided to go through is called, “Fireproof Your Marriage”.

Let me tell you that when we first decided to lead Bible study we were completely unaware of how much people wanted a Bible study group like this. We have an incredible group of people studying the word of God with us. The Lord has blessed Jon and I so much as we have lead this study. This is a group of people who have a hunger to learn more about God and work on their marriage at the same time, this combination can be very difficult to find.

We meet on campus in the Village Center at LeTourneau University. We start the evening out by eating dinner together. The study is very structured and we rarely have trouble keeping everything moving along in a timely manner. We talk about the Bible verses and video clip we watched. We also talk about our own personal struggles with each other the topics that are presented to us every week. We close by sharing prayer requests and closing in prayer. Rarely does our evening ever end after we have finished praying. We are a group that loves to talk. Most Sunday evenings after we have finished our study we talk, sometimes we have sat there for the next several hours just talking.

Please continue to pray for us as Jon and I are trying to decide what study we should lead next. We are excited for the work that God is doing and look forward to what else He has planned for our group.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Happy Birthday to You..."

Last week, on March 15th, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Jon and I decided that it would be fun to have "birthday week" considering the fact that I had to work the night of my birthday. However "birthday week" was slightly spoiled by the fact that Jon got extremely sick. He had a really bad sinus infection, sore throat, fever, and ear ache. The good news in the midst of all of this was that Jon got sick over his Spring Break, so he did not have to miss any school. He did miss work, but that is a different story.
We decided to push the birthday celebrations back one week until Jon was feeling better. Despite his sickness Jon bought me over 50 roses, carnations, and daisies. He had set them all up in the house when I got home from work on Thursday, my actual birthday. They were beautiful, a combination of pinks, reds, and purples. Some of them are in the picture above.
This past week, where more birthday celebrations were to take place were again spoiled by the fact that I got sick. I did not have what Jon had, but even today I still have a tickle in my throat and a cough. So hopefully next week neither of us will be sick, and we will be able to go out and watch a movie like we have been planning for several weeks.
Some other things that have been going on is that I am no longer working at the Olive Garden. I gave my 2 weeks notice and decided to switch jobs. I will now be working at Old Navy which I think will be a much better fit then what Olive Garden was. I was supposed to completely my orientation last week, but because I got sick I was unable to do so. Hopefully this next week we can get the rest of my orientation completed so that I can start working there.
I will be making a short trip to the Northwest in June, to watch my sister Bobbi graduate from high school. Jon will not be able to come because he is going to be taking classes this summer and begin flying. However, we believe that it will be good for me to come back to the Northwest and be with my family and our friends. I will be there June 5th-13th!! Yay!

Monday, March 22, 2010

It Finally Came

Back in early February I shared with you all, My Unexpected Win. As a result, I have patiently been waiting for my KLOVE prize pack to arrive. Well I have great news, It Finally Came!! The prize pack itself would have been awesome, but what made it even better is that I received the package on my birthday!! I was so excited that I opened the package before Jon even got home and documented the experience with pictures.

To my delight the prize pack was filled with goodies just for me. In all I received two movies and three cd's!!

God's timing is perfect!! I am so thankful that KLOVE was able to help make my birthday that much better.

Thanks KLOVE for sending me my prize pack at the absolute best time!

February Update

The last weekend in February was very busy for us, but I wanted to let you know what happened in a wonderful picture blog.


Jon decided that we needed to document this moment. This is the first yarn ball that I ever rolled. I am almost done with my first project and I can't wait to show you what I have been working on.

Feminar 2010 "My Deliver"

Feminar 2010 was amazing!! This was our first year being in the Belcher Center at LeTourneau University and everything was incredible. Lysa Terkeurst and Janet White were bold to teach the truth from the Word of God and it was such a blessing to hear what they had to share. The scariest part of it all was Friday night when I lost my phone. It turns out that it was in the top balcony.

Saturday morning Gail Morgan and I stood in line so that we could meet Mandisa and get pictures with her. I could really relate to what she shared with us about her own battle with weightloss. It is so comforting to know that I am not alone.

I'm looking forward to Feminar 2011, I hope that many of you can be there as well.

Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!!

Some of you may remember this blog that I posted a little over year ago, where I introdcuded you to Wyatt James Hall. If not you can click here and check it out for yourself. Well we have watched this little boy grow so much in the last year that we were so excited to be able to celebrate his birthday with him and his family. We just love the Hall family!!

Wyatt's birthday cake, his Mom and Dad are very talented!!

Wyatt on his birthday playing with his birthday present. He had lots of fun playing in that water. We look forward to spending more birthdays with the little guy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Teasing is NOT Just for Kids

My birthday was on Monday, March 15th (that blog is coming soon). Part of my birthday present is that Jon would pay for me to get my haircut. For the last week I have look at hundreds of pictures: long, medium, and short hairstyles. All the while I have been in search of the perfect do for me.

I don't have a hairdresser in Longview, because I am way to picky and afraid to let Texas women go at my hair. I don't want to come out looking like Dolly Parton, no offense Dolly that hair is just not for me.

My co-worker Anna recommended that I go to her stylist at Salon Pink. She said that this woman would not make my hair big. So I made the appointment and went on my lunch break this afternoon.

I get to Salon Pink and meet Sara, who doesn't seem like she would make my hair huge. After the hair washing, cut, dry, straightening, and texturizing, I was so excited and almost home big hair yet. Until, Sara pulled out a teasing comb and began to tease my hair. No I had no idea what this comb was so for those of you who are like me I want you to know that below is a picture of a teasing comb.

Thankfully, I asked her what kind of comb that was and reminded her that I was not from Texas. She explained what it was and said that she would not do my hair as big as a normal Texas girl.

When she was finished I was pleasantly surprised. She didn't tease it very much, but what she had done was not that bad. I am so glad that I reminder her that I was from Oregon and that she didn't tease my hair anymore then she already had. Thanks Sara!! I just love my new haircut.


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