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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me with the Car

The Car Story

There are circumstances in our lives, both good and bad, that take place and we think to ourselves, “If I ever write I book, I am going to include this story in it.” Right now I am living in that AMAZING circumstance that I will one day write about in a book. I’ve never been one for surprises, but let me just say that God is full of them!! I received a phone call last Friday (6/19/09) from Allison McKinney. We are both in the same Sunday school class at church and have gotten to know each other over the last year, that Jon and I have been in the class. She said that she wanted to run something by me to see what I thought. Now maybe it is because I do not expect miraculous things to take place in my life or maybe it is because I am such a pessimistic person, but I was simply expecting Allison to invite me over for dinner. Man was I wrong!! Instead Allison told me that her Aunt had bought a new car and wanted to give away her other car. What!? (That's what I was thinking) She told me that I could talk to Jon and get back to her about it whenever I had the chance to talk with him. Of course the second I hung up with Allison I called Jon. Sadly, I got his voicemail and I had to leave him a message. He ended up calling me right back and said that it would be awesome to receive this car. After much talking and texting with Allison she said that she would talk to her Aunt and get back to me. Allison (being a very good mediator) worked it out so that today she could come and pick me up at work and take me to Hallsville to get the title signed over to me. It turns out that I was able to pick up the car as well!! Allison and Maddie were at LeTourneau right at 11:30am. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time that I felt sick. We made it to Hallsville, and let me tell you it is really easy to get a car put in your name. Then we went to Allison's parents house to get the car. It is perfect!! Just what Jon and I have been praying for! They took my picture in the car and were thrilled to see that I was excited. I couldn't help it! Do you blame me? I drove back to LeTourneau VERY safely and made it without anything happening. Anna, Linda, and Krista even came outside to meet and see the car. Thanks for taking the pictures Anna!! What a day? This whole experience has been extremely humbling. I did not drive away with a Mercedes, but I don’t need one. God has given us just what we need. Jon has been praying that God would provide me with a car to feel safe in while driving. God gave us that and a little more. This has also come at the perfect time, because for me it shows me that God will provide for me no matter what. Praise the Lord!! He is faithful, All the Time!!

That's me in front of the car!!


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