Monday, May 11, 2009

A Day Redeemed

I have had such an unusual Monday. You see I was summoned for Jury Duty this morning. I had to report to the Gregg County Court house at 9:00 am. I couldn't wait. This was my first time to be called for jury duty and I could not be happier. It was a very long process, but by early afternoon I was put on a jury of a civil case. I am officially a juror. I know I am strange, but I am really looking forward to going through the process of being a juror. After that I did not think things could get any better, but I was very wrong.

I was dismissed for the day from court and came home to have some lunch. During lunch I found out that I have been accepted to the Master's program at LeTourneau!! I started the application process a few weeks ago, but I was not expecting the decision to come today. It was a nice surprise... Thanks Anna!! I will be earning Master's in Education in Curriculum and Instruction (if all the wrinkles get ironed out, nothing is for sure yet).

You see this day is a very significant day in my life, one that is usually remembered with many tears. Yet it is amazing to see how God has brought me such joy at just the right time. God is good.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garage Sale!! One Day Only!!

We are having a garage sale on Saturday from 8-1pm. The information for the sale is listed below. We are selling a couch, chairs, stair master, laundry shelf, day bed, and lots of kitchen stuff. I hope you can come!! 

Huge Sale!! Priced to Sell!! Stop at the Signs!! 

May 9th from 8am - 1pm 

1204 Marigold Ln 
Longview, TX 75602 

Old & New stuff such as: Men & Women's clothing (including Pine Tree clothes), knick knacks, kitchenware, DVDs, books, stair master, furniture.​.​.​.​and much more!! 

"One person's unused stuff is another person's treasure." Come find some treasure of your own Saturday morning!!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Pushing through what is comfortable

I have reached the point in my weight loss where I have become comfortable with myself. This is the most comfortable I have been in years!! I am light years from where I was just a short few months ago. I like the way I feel and look, but I feel as if I am approaching what might be the hardest part of my weight loss, pushing past comfortable and refusing to settle. Most of my life I have been an overweight woman. However at the beginning of this journey I decided that I did not want that anymore. My goal is to be within a healthy weight range by the end of this year. I will continue to stick to the Weight Watchers program, because I KNOW it works. It has worked and it will continue to work for me.
Also, a friend and I talked about Weight Watchers yesterday and at one point she said that she admired my discipline. I was shocked! She said I have been an encouragement to her in other areas of her life. Wow! God is awesome. It was just what I needed to hear and it is conversations like that one, that are going to help me to continue and not give up. God always knows just what we need. It is amazing to see God working through something that I once was so ashamed of!


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