Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10% Healthier!!

I finally reached my 10% goal with Weight Watchers last night!!! God is so faithful!! I had a breaking point a while back where I told God I could not do this without Him and it has been so true. It has brought us closer together and I am learning to lean on Him more then ever. I will try to describe to you what an accomplishment this is for me. A little over 3 months ago my doctor told me that I was border line high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He told me to diet and exercise for three months. At the end of three months I would come back and see him to decide where we would go from here.

I am a WebMD junkie and so I got on their website to do some research. Everything that I read said that the doctor gives you three months to get things under control and if you cannot do that then they will put you on medicine. I did not want to be on medicine for the rest of my life. And besides that most of these medicines only treat symptoms, they do not make the actual problem go away.

The best thing I have done for myself in a very long time has been that I joined Weight Watchers. It has taken me three months, but I reached my 10% weight loss goal last night. Overall I have lost a total 23.6 pounds. I am losing weight and I am determined to make sure I am healthy. Best of all my cholesteral is down and so is my blood pressure. I have helped to make myself a healthier person!! I did it!! I could not have done it with out God and Jon. He has been the most amazing husband in this time and I just don't understand why he loves me so much, but he does. Thank you!!

What's next you might be thinking? Well I am going to set another goal to lose another 10% of my body weight. I have another doctor's appointment in April and I want his jaw to drop when he sees even less of me in three months. I am going to stick with Weight Watchers and continue to do my best. Thank you if you have been praying for me. Please continue to pray for me!! I know that God is the one who is with me and helping me to accomplish these goals. Pray that I would be built up by Him and humble enough to admit when I need help.

Love you all!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Christmas Pictures

Here are the rest of our pictures from Christmas. I hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The New Year Madness

Earlier today I was thinking about starting a blog that is just about me (Jennifer). But then I realized that I do not want to update yet another website, Blogger and Facebook are hard enough to keep up with, considering I have not even posted all of my Christmas pictures yet. I don't want another website to have to keep up so instead I realized that I am simply going to be more open and honest on this one.

This year feels like is has already started out so crazy. Most of that has come from the fact that work has been super busy with everyone registering for their cohort groups. I go to work and sit there feeling like my piles of files is never going to get any smaller. Then at the end of the day I feel like I have made some headway and by the time I come back the next morning the files are stacking up all over again.

This past weekend Jon and I were actually able to go to Dallas and finally celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Wow 2 years!! We have grown and learned so much and that is only going to continue. We are excited for what God is going to continue to do in our lives. We have had our fair share of challenges, but we know that each one of them has a purpose. While in Dallas we went to see the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Art Museum. Though it was extremely crowded it was amazing to see such beautiful pieces of history. We are nerds like that. We also went to see where JFK was assassinated, walked around downtown, and went to the North Park Mall. It was so nice to just get away (which we did not get to do over Christmas break).

Now we are getting back into the swing of things again. The biggest things that I am trying to focus on are some of my "New Years Resolutions" (yes I am that kind of person). I like to take this beginning to the New Year to make a few resolutions so that I have something to work towards throughout the year.

The first an most important on is to have a quiet time with God everyday. I do not read my Bible as much as I want to and I would like to take steps toward changing that this year. Jon and I got new Bibles for ourselves with our Christmas money and we are both trying to spend more and more time with our Lord. I am not perfect and I have not had my quiet time everyday this year, but I tell you the days that I have done it I have been more focused on God. I know that when the junk comes up throughout the day (like we all know it does) He is there for me to talk to. Please pray for us that we would continue to do this throughout this year and throughout the rest of our lives.

The second resolution that I have for 2009 is not something that started this year, but it is something I have actually been working at this since late October 2008 and that is to get myself healthy. I went to see the doctor last October, because I had been sick twice in less then a month. He ended up doing all kinds of labs and my cholesterol was too high, and my blood pressure was high as well. He said I had three months to diet and exercise, after 3 months he wanted me to come back. And so my journey began....

I tried counting calories and I am just not very good at it. So I ended up joining Weight Watchers, and what a life saver (literally) it has been!! I have almost lost 10% of my body weight (at me last weigh in I was 1 pound away...I am so close). I went back to the doctor's last week and he could not stop smiling. He was so proud of me. Not yo mention that my blood pressure has gone down to 110/70, which is completely normal!! God is good. He has been with me every step of the way, and so has Jon (I really do not know what I would do without him).

I had already set my resolution to get myself healthy before I went back to the doctor. Really he just went ahead and confirmed what I was already thinking. He said that he wants me to stick with my dieting and exercising and come back and see him in another 3 months. He really wants to get me to a healthy weight and I am so excited about that. It is a huge undertaking, but I am up for the challenge. Please pray that I would be more motivated to exercise, because right now that is something that I am not doing very well. Thanks!!

I know this was a long post, but thanks for sticking with me and reading it until the end!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pictures from Christmas

Sorry it has taken so long to get these pictures posted. It isn't even all of our pictures from Christmas, but I thought I would put some up now. Enjoy!


Rachel riding in our car. She was very excited!!

All of us, before we toured the LeTourneau campus.

Josh helping to hang the Christmas lights!

Jon and George at Applebee's. We all went out together to celebrate mine and Jon's 2nd wedding anniversary.

Eva and I at Applebee's

Arm Wrestling...

This is all of us decorating Christmas ornaments!

This is the view from the roof, Josh was nice enough to take this for me.

Eva's self portrait.

Aren't they beautiful!?

This is Jon and his siblings at the Olive Garden. We went and Jon was our server. We received incredibly service!!


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