Friday, May 2, 2008

My Surprise Graduation Ceremony

Yesterday was Jon's last day of finals and I don't think there is a better way to celebrate the end of a semester then to have a big BBQ. Russell and Ginger had it at their house. We had four grills and a lot of food! We had barbecued ribs, baked potatoes, salad, soda, and dessert! There was so much food that we didn't even finish it all. It was so great to see the guys together and able to take a break after what was a long semester. I thought it was a time to get together and celebrate the end of the semester. However the was a little surprise in it for me :).

After we had all eaten I noticed the I had a cut on my leg that was bleeding. I went inside to wipe it off. When I got inside Ginger, Ellie, and Christy were all in the doorway looking as if I had just interrupted some important and private conversation. I tried not to think anything of it. I went to the bathroom wiped off my leg and left the house. As soon as I got back to where I was sitting on the picnic table the music began. Pomp and Circumstance playing loudly for all to hear. Ginger began to talk about how I was graduating but unable to go to the ceremony in Oregon so they were having one here for me!

Ellie helped me get my graduation cap on and I began to cry a bit. What awesome friends God has given me!! Ginger made an attempt at an inspirational speech and then presented me with the diploma she made (she even forged Dr. Lockwood and Dr. Stricklands' signatures). We took pictures and it was the best surprise graduation ceremony ever.

I am so thankful that God has been faithful enough to help me achieve something so amazing. I am also thankful that He has given me these three wonderful women to be my friends and make me feel incredibly special. I know that the night and the BBQ was for the guys, but I am glad that they were all able to share in the joy of my accomplishment. Praise the Lord for His incredible goodness and kindness that I know I don't deserve.



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