Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving and Christmas Trees

Being in Texas, so far away from our family and friends throughout the holiday season has been difficult. However, God is
providing us with people to love us and make us feel at home. The first good thing about Thanksgiving and everything closing for a day is that we were able to sleep in and get some well needed rest. There are only three weeks left in the semester so things are busy for us. Any chance that we get to sleep-in a little we take it and are thankful.

For Thanksgiving we went to Jon's professor's house around 12:30pm. His professor (Mr. B) and his wife make a huge Thanksgiving meal for all of the LeTourneau students we are unable to go home. There were about 27 of us there. Most of them were guys and most of them are aviation students. We ate and talked (a lot). Jon and I even played cards with another couple there. We played hearts, spades, and euker (a new game we have never played before). We have so much fun!! We finally went home around 7:00pm, because we wanted to be able to decorate our Christmas tree before our busy work weekend. Jon has to work all day Friday and Saturday, and I have to work quite a bit as well.

This was our first Christmas tree to buy and decorate together!! This is our third Christmas together, but we are still just as

excited as if it were our first!! I have added serval pictures to show the decorating process. Jon and I do not have a lot, but

we think is looks GREAT!! And in case you were wondering it is fake, becuase I (Jen) can't have a real Christmas tree in the

house with me, it bothers my allergies too much. But for just us..and Michelle...and maybe Jon's family, in this little
apartment is works well for us.

We love you all and hope that you had a great Thanksgiving!! We miss you and hope that we get to talk to you sometime soon!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Applying for Another Job

Well I have to say that after applying for full-time jobs at LeTourneau for almost a year now I must express that I am getting really tired of it. I want all of these doors here to either close shut, or just have one of these doors burst wide open and have them love and want me to join their team here at the school. Another job has opened and it is kind of in the line of work that I have been doing as a student worker. I have been working in the GAPS office, and the job that has opened up is a GAPS Student Account Representative position. Which means I would continue to work with GAPS students and their student accounts. I know that this position will be challenging, because you are working with people about their finances. However, I think that ultimately this job would be better for me. I am tired of working a chaotic, inconsisent schedule at two different jobs. I am ready for a "grown-up" job. So if you think of it, please pray about this for Jon and I. We have wanted this for quite some time, and we are just trusting in the Lord that He knows what is best for us. So just pray that God would give us His best, no matter what that may be. Thank you for all of your support!! We love you and will continue to keep you updated!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Jon the Pilot

Well I just wanted to let you all know that Jon recieved his Tail-wheel endorsment this last week!!

This is just another big step closer to Jon completing all of his pilot training.

These are just a few pictures from one of Jon's many flights this semester. He went on a long cross-country to a variety of places last weekend, and I will post them when we have time to do it together. But for now this will have to do. Enjoy!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pumpkin Carving!!

So I just wanted to post the pictures from when Jon and I carved pumpkins this evening.

That has been one of the biggest things that we have been working on throughout these last several months is deciding what we are going to celebrate together and eventually with our children. We come from different homes with different traditions, but we want to make our own. So this is us carving pumpkins, because that is something that I (Jen) love to do during the fall season.


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