Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Recent Stuff

Work: Old Navy is going well. It is the easiest job I think I have ever had. I am still waiting to hear back from LeTourneau about the applications that I turned in. There is another job in the registrars office that is opening up in June, so hopefully that will work out.

School: I made a deal with my Mother-in-Law that I would do one lesson a week, if she called me to keep me accountable. You could say that it hasn't been going well, but it was really nice of her to tell me that she would help me to get my classes done.

Weight: It has been about a week since I have been on my diet. I have just gotten fed up with it! I want to have all my wieght gone and be able to be comfortable with myself, but I am not. I am going to talk to the LA WeightLoss people tomorrow and hopefully they can help me to get back on track. And maybe Jon, Michelle, and I can settle on some big way to reward ourselves for accomplishing what we need to : ).

Go to Portland: I am excited, nervous, and so ready to be with my friends and family in Portland. I don't think anybody knows how much I want to be there. Just to have quality people to communicate with, other then Texans...Bryce you know what I mean. That is probably why my diet is going to the dogs, because I just don't care about anything but being in the Northwest.

It will be a short trip and it will go by so fast, but it will be MORE than worth it. It is hard that Jon is not able to come, but I know it means a lot to Bobbi that I am there for her. Not to mention that when I go home, she is coming to stay with Jon and I until July 4th!! We are excited.

Well that's the latest. Hopefully the next time I write I will either be on my way to Portland or already there!! Yay!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

One Down

Well I heard back from one job and they won't consider me due to the lack of Bachelor's Degree. So I have two more chances, and then there is another job opening later this summer that I might be able to apply for.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So I really, really need to get a job on campus at LeTourneau. Jon and I only have one car at the moment. This summer he is beginning to fly and needs to be out at the airport at the same time that I have to be at work. So either I need a job on campus that I can walk to or we need another car.

I decided to apply for any job I think I might be qualified for. Well I checked today and there is a job opening for a secretary/receptionist. I can do that, and I am good at it. It would be full-time, and pretty much a perfect fit.

Please, please pray that God lets this work!! This would be an answer to many prayers, one's I haven't even mentioned. So thank you, and I will keep you updated on what happens!! Thanks.


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