Friday, January 12, 2007

Great News

Well I just want to give you all a quick update. Jon and I both got jobs at the Olive Garden this past Monday!! We were there for four and a half hours, and when we walked out we had jobs. We have orientation on Saturday! However, please pray because I found out the day after that there is a job opportunity here on capmus. I did apply for it and now we are just waiting to here back from them. But it is a job working with students which I love, and not only that Jon will get a huge chunk of his tuition for free if I get hired. I would love to work here on campus, so pray that, that can happen.

NOW, here is the BEST prepare yourself. Jon and I found out, against all odds, that a spot in LeTourneau University Married Student Housing opened up on Tuesday for Jon and I to move into. Can you believe it? The lady told us that there was no way that we would get into the housing on campus, but God is faithful. We are not fully moved in yet because Jon has had a lot of homework, but we are doing alright.

Thank you for all your prayers and support through this crazy time in our lives. We LOVE and miss you all! Don't be strangers, write us please...we would love to hear from you.

Jon and Jen

Saturday, January 6, 2007

A Rocky Start, with some great scenary......

Now I know that most of you are thinking. That my marriage is in trouble. However, that is not the case. The rocky start hasn't been within our marriage, but our circumstances. Our journey to move began the day after Christmas. My sisters (Bobbi and Vivian) came down to Portland with Jon and I to help us prepare to move. Vivian went with Jon to run errands, and Bobbi stayed with me to help me pack up the things in my apartment.

We had a huge To-Do List, but a few major things to take care of...getting my name changed (on my license and bank account) and getting the U-haul ready for us to move. Thursday the 28th my parents and my siblings were at my apartment bright and early to help us accomplish all that needed to be done so that we could leave the next day. Jon had my Dad check out our car, only to find out it was broken. We went to get the U-Haul, only to get lost, and then once we finally found it they gave us the wrong truck and we were forced to make a trip back to the U-Haul office. On top of that I was sick, and getting worse.

With my people's help (my family, Amanda Smith, & Michelle) we were able to get the U-Haul loaded and the car in a state where it could be driven short distances. Friday early morning I hardly slept at all, because I felt sick to my stomach the entire night. However, Jon and I were off and on the road by 8:45am Friday December 29th. We were on our way to Hollywood to see and stay with Jon's family. It took us 17 hours, but we made it in one straight shot.

Hollywood was fun. I have never spent much time in California before. We took all kinds of pictures! I was still really sick, with a fever and all. So we decided to stay an extra day in Hollywood, so that I would be able to rest. Which it is a good thing we stayed because we would have run into a HUGE snow storm in New Mexico, but God is gracious.

We left Hollywood on New Year's Day. About a day later we made it to Dallas, where we stayed with Jon's Aunt and Uncle. They let us stay two nights, because we knew we did not have any housing in Longview. We arrive in Longview Thursday, January 4th. We have been staying in a motel because there isn't any housing for us. We put all of our belongings in a storage unit where they will stay until we find an apartment.

Jon starts school on Tuesday and I have been spending my time working hard to find a job. We both miss being in Portland, but we are trusting that God does have a plan for us here in Texas. Sometimes it is harder to believe then others.

Thank you for your prayers. We love you!
Please continue to pray for us, and that God will provide housing and jobs for us.
Also pray that I continue to get better.
Pray for finances and that we will be able to afford everything we need.


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