Monday, November 6, 2006


I am one of those people who expresses myself more through words then anything else. Sometimes it takes me a while to formulate my thoughts, but when there is something going on in my brain I need to get it out. I don't care who reads or hears, I just want to be heard. That's the way most of this generation is. We all want to be heard. Some of us are willing to scream at the top of our lungs for it to be so, and others though they would never tell you are longing for just one person to turn to them and ask what they're thinking. We all have thoughts opinions and a voice, but why is it that we all refuse to use it unless someone comes to us first. Many of us, including myself, are so afraid to make the first move. Are we really that afraid of rejection...even from those closest to us. I know it may sound like the endless ramblings of someone who just needs to go to bed, but think about it. You know that in one way or another you are like this too. I always write when I am upset, frustrated, and/or have a lot on my mind. Tonight that is true too and I hope this doesn't get old. This is just the mood that I am usually in when I want to write. If I ever manage to write a novel it will probably be very sad and depressing because that's the mood I generally find myself writing in.


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