Thursday, June 6, 2013

Newsham Baby Number Two

I have been DYING to let you in on a secret for weeks!! I am pregnant!! Baby Newsham number two is on the way!!

Jon and I wanted our babies to be close in age, but not quite this close. We were both surprised by how quickly we became pregnant with our second child. This is different from what we had planned, but we are thankful for how the Lord is blessing our family!! Honestly, God's plans are always better than mine!!

One week ago, Jon, Olivia, and me headed to the first doctor's appointment for baby #2. We saw our precious child on the ultrasound screen and were overwhelmed with thankfulness at the new life growing inside me. We also heard our baby's heartbeat, which was very strong.

Overall, I have been doing well. I have not thrown up, but been queasy when I do not eat or when I let my stomach get too empty. I have also been very tired. With work, Olivia, moving, unpacking, and all of my other daily tasks, I have not had energy to do much of anything these days. (This also explains my lack of blog posts.) We put Olivia to bed and I head to bed shortly after she has gone down. My doctor said that once I get past my 1st trimester it should get better, so I am hopeful that I will feel like myself again soon.

In case you are wondering, I was just 9 pounds away from my goal weight when I found out that I was pregnant. This is so frustrating! However, I am confident that I will be able to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle while pregnant with this baby and will be able to lose all of my weight after our new baby arrives in late December.

Jen + Olivia + Jon + December 2013 = Family of FOUR

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