Monday, April 8, 2013

Olivia Seven Month Update

I am "late" getting this blog post out too, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I think that I say this every month, but I cannot believe that Olivia is already seven months old! Where has the time gone? Olivia has grown and changed so much in such a short period of time. Here are some of the fun highlights that took place this past month.

Olivia's Seven Month Highlights

1. Olivia is officially crawling, pulling herself up, and walking along the couch or anything else she can reach. I wasn't ready for her to do all of these things so quickly, but there is nothing stopping this girl. When Olivia sets her mind on something she can do it! It's amazing to watch her learn how to do things.

2. Olivia got her second tooth!

3. Olivia went on her first airplane ride with Daddy!! It was so much fun for Jon to be able to share his love and passion for flying with Olivia. Please click the link, to read more about Olivia's First Airplane Ride.

4. Olivia is eating all different kinds of baby food. She loves fruit, but hates all kinds of vegetables! Her favorite snack are the Gerber Graduates Lil' Crunchies, Mild Cheddar.

5. Olivia is Ms. Independent and likes to do things on her own. Olivia wants to feed herself, put her pacifier in her mouth, stand, walk, crawl, eat, and more all by herself! Don't get me wrong she wants to know that we are there watching, but she wants to do it herself.

6. Olivia rode in a shopping cart for the first time. I completely forgot to bring in the shopping cart cover, so she was trying to eat the basket the entire time that we were at Walmart. On top of that, random woman told Olivia that I need to get her a shopping cart cover! I tried to explain that I already had one, but I don't think she believed me!

7. We had our first family getaway over Easter weekend! It was a relaxing and fun time away from home. We stayed with our friend's at their family's lake house! Olivia did great and even took quick dip in the hot tub for the very first time, which she loved!

Please continue to pray for Olivia and that she would learn to love Jesus and give her life to Him!

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Sally said...

My little guy is 10 months old, and I've thought these last few months were SO FUN!!

She is an absolute doll :))


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