Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

I think it would be appropriate if I gave our blog a new title, "Olivia Highlights". Since this little girl came into our lives, she is the only thing I want to blog about! So, in keeping with our new blog title here's another milestone that Olivia reached today.

Drumroll please...

Olivia rolled over!

Olivia's first picture after rolling over!!

Olivia might have rolled over when she was first born, but it was not anything intentional so I really don't remember it.  However, since before Thanksgiving Olivia has been strong enough to roll onto her side. She has been so close to rolling over so many times!

As Olivia's Mom, I knew that she could roll over. Over the last few weeks I have found myself trying to dangle every toy we have in her face to see if that would entice her to finally reach this milestone. However, last week God convicted me of this type of behavior.

God showed me that there is a difference between being pushy and being encouraging. With Olivia, I had begun to get pushy and frustrated that she had not rolled over yet. However, after God convicted me, I began to let it go. I told Olivia that I was sorry and asked her to forgive me. I explained that I would not try pushing her like this again and that she could roll over whenever she was ready.

Today, Olivia was ready!

Olivia spent most of the morning laying on her side and I tried to just leave her alone. However, this afternoon during my lunch break, I sat next to Olivia. It only took a few minutes before Olivia had completely rolled over!

I screamed in excitement and scared Olivia so badly that she almost started crying. Oops!

I am so thankful that God has made it possible for me to work from home, so that I can be there to celebrate these special moments with Olivia! I am also thankful that God taught me this lesson, so that I can continue to encourage Olivia throughout her life!


Wendy said...

out of the mouths of babes or should I say the actions of babes...we can take lessons from our kids...

Wendy said...

out of the mouths of babes or should I say we can learn from our children's actions...


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