Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Marriage Testimony: God Changed Everything

Today, I want to share with a piece of our testimony. Two weeks after Jon and I got married we moved from Oregon to East Texas. Life was so hard as newlyweds and even harder begin away from our family and friends. Jon was in school and we were both working as much as we could to make enough money to get by.

We knew that we needed to find a church that we could call home. We visited lots of different churches, but we could never agree on one that we liked! Have you ever looked for a new church? It's hard. Trying to take everything in to see if that is the body of believers that God wants you to learn and grow with.

It became too much for us. We stopped looking for churches and spent most of our Sunday's sleeping in and/or working. As a result, our marriage suffered for the year and three months that we were not in church.

In, March 2008 everything changed!

Our friend's Russell and Ginger invited us to visit their church. To be honest, they had been inviting us to their church for weeks, but we kept putting it off.

The first Sunday Jon and I went to their church, we did not leave with the overwhelming desire to come back. It was just another church like all the rest that we had visited in town. Jon suggested that we visit one more time. However, this time he wanted us to check out the young married adult Sunday school class.

So, the next Sunday we made our way to church again. This Sunday, everything was different! We got to the young married's class and fell in love with our teacher Ms. Janet immediately. I remember that Ms. Janet told us that she was so glad that we were there! After church, we listen to the Pastor preach his sermon and we were so excited that he based his preaching on God's word!

I am happy to say that this church has become our home church! I love our church and the body of believers that God has surrounded us with! Things in our lives have completely changed, because we have learned to put God first!!

Yesterday, Jon and I celebrated six years of marriage! This is not something that we have done in our own strength!! We have learned to depend on God and be faithful to Him! This kind of obedience has been followed by many blessings, one of them being our daughter Olivia!!

Praise the Lord for the incredible testimony that He has given us!!


mrsmarkdave said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!
We, too, struggled with finding a new church after we made the very easy decision to leave our previous one. We ended up getting discouraged and quit looking for a few months (about 5 1/2 months).
God worked it out perfectly and had a perfect plan for us in finding a new church. So looking back, those few months we were out of church were good for us, but "taking a break from church" is probably not something I'd recommend for everyone. It just depends. I'm glad you have somewhere that you're happy and, most importantly, growing.

Wendy said...

God always needs to be the center nd being fed and fellowship is so important ...so glad you found a good church home... we miss you


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