Thursday, November 1, 2012

Olivia's First Halloween

Last night we went to our church where they host an annual Fall Festival! Normally, me and Jon work in one of the game booths. However, this year we didn't know what Jon's work schedule would be so we decided just to attend the festival with Olivia.

There has been a great debate in our home over whether or not we would dress up and/or participate in Halloween events and activities. Jon grew up in a family that didn't do anything for Halloween. In my family we dressed up every year. Even though we grew up with these differences Jon and I are responsible for what we do with our family.

So we decided to dress up Olivia and attend the Fall Festival at church. This festival is an outreach to kids around town and we were excited to be able to support this ministry. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to come up with something for me and Jon to wear.

I don't know if we will dress up every year. There may come a day where the Lord convicts us and asks us not to do anything for Halloween. When that day comes I pray that we will listen to His leading, because honoring God is more important to us than a holiday.

Below, I posted some pictures of Olivia's first Halloween!!

Olivia in her fairy costume!

Our Newsham Family at Fall Festival

The Panda Bear aka Uncle Josh and the little Fairy aka Olivia.

Jon, Josh, and Olivia 

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-J.Darling said...

I can understand that. I great up Protestant, and we didn't celebration Halloween for many years, but we always had a Harvest Festival at our church where we could wear costumes (just not scary ones) and play games, etc. I never missed trick or treat-ing. Sean (my husband) grew up in a Catholic household, however they always did the trick or treat thing, until he changed his religious affilation as he got older. Then he celebrated it as a Harvest festival as well.
Since we're in the process of adoption, these kinds of topics come up pretty often in our house. For now, we've decided to enjoy it as a Harvest festival and a social holiday. For us, celebrating is all about what conviction is in your heart. We're not interested in the current way it's celebrated (with the over-sexualized women's costumes and other debauchery). So we just enjoy a chance to be our favorite movie and video game characters. :) Like you, if we are lead down a different way in the future, we'll go that direction.


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