Thursday, September 27, 2012

Olivia 4 Week Update

Today, Olivia is four weeks old!!

4 weeks old

Wow! Where did the time go? On the one hand it seems like it has been a very long four weeks, because we have had a lot of trouble getting Olivia to gain weight. Olivia has been to see the doctor every week of her life as we try to figure out why she is not gaining weight. We have begun to supplement with formula to see if that will help her get back up to her birth weight.

On the other hand, these last four weeks have flown by faster than I ever imagined. We have had lots of family come and visit like Olivia's Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Friends! We have had a lot of late nights and early mornings. I cannot say that I am used to this kind of crazy schedule, but I am doing what I need to so that I can take care of my baby girl. I enjoy all the time I get to spend with Olivia, even if it is in the middle of the night.

Olivia at her doctor's appoinment today.

We had another doctor's appointment today and Olivia GAINED weight!! Praise the Lord!! After four long weeks Olivia is finally back up to her birth weight and beyond!! This morning she weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces, which is 1 pound up from what she weighed last week!! It is safe to say that I am one proud Mama!!

There are a lot of firsts that have taken place in Olivia's life over these last four weeks.

Here are just a few things that Olivia has done over the last four weeks.
~ Olivia had her first exploding diaper.
~ Olivia is able to suck on a pacifier by herself.
~ Olivia slept through the night for six hours straight.
~ Olivia went to Sunday school one week and big church the next and did not cry! However, she did cry when we went to Youth Group.
~ Olivia had her first doctor's appointment.
~ Olivia went for her first walk in the park in her jogging stroller.
~ Olivia went to Weight Watchers.
~ The first book we read to Olivia was an Elephant and Piggie book.
~ The first Disney movie I watched with Olivia was Beauty and the Beast.

Please continue to pray that Olivia will gain weight over these next few weeks and months. Also, pray for me (Jen) as I begin to start working from home and taking care of Olivia at the same time. Finally, please pray that God will provide everything we need!

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Cintia Listenbee said...

Yay! Great news! I will keep praying that God will supply ALL your needs. I have NEVER seen the righteous forsaken or his seek begging bread :) {hugs} and congratulations mom!


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