Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Christmas Card Lesson

I cannot believe that December is finally here!! This is the time of year when it feels like my To-Do List is overflowing with a variety of things that I need to get done. Every weekend from now until Christmas is full of Christmas parties, graduation, concerts, choir practices, our anniversary, and more! To say that we are busy is an understatement.

This is why I started working on my Christmas To-Do List right after Thanksgiving. If I tried and get everything done in December it would be too overwhelming. One of the first things on my list that I have been working on this week, are our Christmas cards and newsletters. This is an extremely overwhelming task, because there are so many different options out there to choose from! On top of that this year, Jon and I are on a budget (thank you Dave Ramsey), so I have been searching for a way to make cute cheap Christmas cards that won’t break the bank.

I searched several different websites and finally ended up at Wal-Mart. I’ve done our Christmas cards with them before and they have turned out well. Wal-Mart’s Christmas cards are also a reasonable price for our small budget. Right away I went to work attempting to sift through all of the Christmas card choices. Did I want 4x6 or 5x7? Did I want vertical or horizontal? Did I want one picture, two pictures, three pictures, or more? Did I want blue & silver or green & red or black and white? Like I said the options are endless.

When it was all said and done, I had designed this Wal-Mart Christmas card.

After I had finished making our Wal-Mart Christmas card, I began to total everything up. At $0.40 a card we were going to spend almost $30.00 just on Christmas cards. That did not even include postage! I was frustrated and discouraged.

A few days later I remembered that my friend Miranda always has the cutest profile pictures on Facebook! She adds a border and fun words to some of her pictures. Miranda's pictures inspired me to do something similar for our Christmas cards! So I went back online to Picnik (a photo editing website) to see what I could come up with. Below are a few of the Christmas cards that I made on Picnik.

These pictures are not extravagant. However they allow us to communicate what we want to say to our family and friends. The best part is that I was able to make these into a 4x6 photo size and at Wal-Mart you can print photos for just $0.09!! In all it was less than $10.00 for us to get these pictures printed and sent to our house!

It’s hard to go against the grain and do something different with our Christmas cards. What can I say!? I like cute Wal-Mart Christmas cards, but that is not what Christmas is all about. I am so thankful that Jon and I were able to find a way to do Christmas cards that was within our budget! I am also thankful that we could learn about God's provision through our Christmas cards!


-J.Darling said...

Great job! I've done something simaliar through Walgreens photo department. They have tons of cute borders there too! :) But most editing software can do it, and then you can order them printed up where ever it's cheapest! :) This year, I went one step further. I made some "save the date" announcements for our wedding (that was supposed to be this past October/November, but he was deployed, so it's postponed until next year) much like your first Christmas card idea. Since I have these left overs, I'll be clipping the tiny pictures out of them, pasting them into greeting cards I got at the craft store (for $1/pack of 10). So they are 'personalized' and inexpensive - and they get rid of those Save the Dates that I have no use for anymore. :) And if I run out of pictures, I'll use up whatever christmas stickers I have. :)

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative!

Melissa said...

Your cards and photos look great!
Happy Holidays!


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