Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday: My Weekend with Bobbi

I really enjoy writing Flashback Friday blog posts! I think it is so fun to go through my old pictures to find something to write about. The possibilities are endless, because I have so many pictures that I have never posted on our blog!

Today our flashback takes us back to September or October 2006, just a few months before Jon and I got married. I had invited my sister Bobbi to come down to Portland, OR and spend the weekend with me! We took her to all of my favorite places in Portland. This also happened to be the same weekend that I got my ears pierced!!

Isn't Bobbi cute!? The first thing we did was to take Bobbi out for Chipotle, because it is our favorite!

She had the chicken tacos.

Yum! They were so good!

Next we took Bobbi to Powell's bookstore!!

Michelle, Bobbi, and I waiting for the Max to take us to the mall downtown.

You gotta love Portland!

Michelle enjoyed her meal at the mall.

Isn't Bobbi just beautiful!?

Sisters! Bobbi and I, the only thing missing was Vivian.

Friends! Michelle and I.

Then I got my ears pierced! This is right after I got them done.

It was painful, but totally worth it!

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Lauren @ Heya, Sparky! said...

Book store in Portland... totally makes me think of "Portlandia" & the feminist bookstore! haha If you haven't seen it yet, LOOK IT UP!

Chelle said...

Yeah for memories with sisters. I am glad you got your ears pierced. Earrings are fun, especially when you get to borrow your best friends! ;) Now I am hungry for Chipotle, though.

Jennifer said...

I know what you mean! We are getting a Chipotle in Tyler, which will only be a 30 minute drive! I can send you some. :)


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