Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Guest Book

When we first got married Jon thought it would be neat to have a guest book in our home. Whenever new people would come over to our house we could have them sign it. Then in the future we could look back at all the people that had been in our home.

Like I said, this was an idea that Jon had when we first got married over 4 1/2 years ago! Ever since we have been been searching for a guest book. I didn't want something too plain, too boring, or too expensive. All the the guest books that we had found up until this point have not met our/my criteria.

However, that all changed this weekend!!

This past Saturday, Jon and I went out on a date. We decided it would be fun to hit up all of the Christian bookstores and browse! Yes, we really like bookstores that much. While we were at Lifeway I went to see what they had hidden in their clearance section. To my surprise I found this guest book. There was not a clearance sticker on it and I thought it had been placed back there by mistake, but Jon told me to take it up front any way to find out how much it cost.

When the cashier did the price check he told us that it was $1.69! I could not believe it!! I am so thankful that God provides for us!! Also, I just want you to notice the pretty cover! Our God is good!

Our new guest book!!

So pretty!!

Now you all have to visit our home, so that you can sign our guest book!! Even if you have been there before, you need to come back to sign the guest book!

We hope you can visit soon!!

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Mrs. Allbright said...

I think this is a terrificly wonderful idea!! :)


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