Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Holiday

We had such a wonderful weekend that I did not want it to end. It was sad that I had to go back to work yesterday. There was a lot that happened in just a few short days, but I want to catch you up in one blog post.

Thanksgiving 2010

For breakfast, I made Jon cinnamon rolls with orange flavored icing. I only had one, but it was yummy.

Each year for Thanksgiving a family from our church has invited us to join them and their family for their holiday meal. This year we decided that it would be fun to try some international food along with the traditional Thanksgiving foods. They asked Jon to make some Chinese food. He never turns down an opportunity to share Chinese food with others. However, the knives need to be really sharp before we can make anything.

Every year we take a family Thanksgiving picture. This is our picture this year.

After we took our picture, Jon got right back to work making Chinese food. We had so many of my favorite dishes. Our house even smelled like Chinese food when we got home that night. Yummy!!

I did not take a lot of pictures at Thanksgiving, but I wanted to make sure I got a picture of Jon enjoying his wonderful food on Thanksgiving day.

Friday Date Night
Last year, I went Black Friday shopping for the very first time. However this year I did not have anyone to go shopping with. You see, Jon had to work Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. The aviation program does not close down for the holidays when they have students who are behind.

I was not able to go shopping, but Jon decided to block out his entire Friday afternoon for me! What a great date day!! He came home with the most beautiful flowers for me.

I know I went overboard on the flower pictures, but they are beautiful!! After Jon came home we went to watch part one of Harry Potter 7. It was so special. I love spending time with Jon.

Decorating Our Tree
Jon and I are leaving for China in 16 days!! As a result, we have been going back and forth about whether or not we would decorate our house for Christmas. This is such a hard subject for me, because I LOVE Christmas!! I like to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving and the idea of not decorating was killing me.

My husband, being the amazing man he is, decided that we should decorate our Christmas. So, in order to compromise we decided to put up my small Christmas tree that I normally put in my office.

I really like Christmas lights.

Jon helping me decorate our Christmas tree.

Me hanging ornaments on the tree.

Our Christmas Tree

Us and our tree


Kara Pendergast Moore said...

This is fabulous!!!!!! Love you guys!

Jon and Jen said...

Thanks! Love you too!

Donna Dorey said...

your tree looks great. We also love Christmas and we put up our tree and decorated inside and out over a week ago. We will be in Jamaica from the 7th of dec. until the 22nd so we decorated early so we could enjoy before we go. Have a good trip and love to you and all your family in China.

Jon and Jen said...

Thank you! That is a good idea. I hope you have fun in Jamaica. How exciting!!


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