Monday, November 22, 2010

China Update: Blessing and Isabella

Two people that we are very excited to meet when we arrive in China are Blessing and Isabella. God has given us a special love for these two people, but first I want you to meet them.

Blessing and Isabella, aren't they beautiful young women!?

Blessing has been living with Jon's parents since she was pregnant with Isabella. It was just two months ago that Blessing had her beautiful baby. Blessing was having blood pressure problems, but is doing much better. She is opening up to Jon's family more and more each day.

Lisa and Isabella

Isabella is now two months old. She is beautiful! She has been growing and is starting to get stronger. She has three holes in her heart and has been approved for heart surgery in December. They are not sure if Blessing is going to allow Isabella to have the surgery because she is afraid. Please pray for wisdom for Blessing.


Isabella has another problem that Jon's parents have noticed. They are not sure if she can see. She does seem to have some response to light but she is unable to follow or track.

Several weeks ago I asked Lisa if there was anything that Jon and I could bring to China with us for her. She listed off a few things, before asking if I would be go buy some baby girl clothes for Isabella. Isabella is very small and it has been hard to find her some winter clothes that fit her.

I was so excited to shop for baby girl clothes, because after all pink is my favorite color! Let me tell you something...I have not shopped for any baby girl clothes yet.

Why? Because God provided!!

I asked the ladies in my Sunday school class and Bible study to pray for Blessing and Isabella. I shared with them that I needed to go shopping for baby girl clothes. Almost immediately there was an overwhelming outpouring from these women to give to Blessing and Isabella. I have been humbled by these women and their desire to be involved and give gifts to people they have never met.

About a week ago I received two boxes of baby girl clothes from a woman in my Bible study. I wanted to cry. This woman has had one of her own baby girl's go home to be with Jesus and yet she could not help but love on others less fortunate then herself.

Two whole boxes of clothes for Isabella

God works in mighty ways. I do not always understand what He is doing, but I am thankful that I have been able to be a small part of this blessing for Blessing and Isabella. We have met Blessing and Isabella over Skype and I cannot wait to see them in person!

After we received two boxes of clothes, I asked Jon how we were going to fit all of this in our suitcase. He said that we would make it work. He knows how much this means to me to bring all these clothes to them. We can already see God using these things to change my heart, imagine what He will do the lives of Blessing and Isabella through these gifts. I can only imagine.

Please remember Blessing and Isabella and keep them in your prayers.


Kristen said...

Thanks so much for sharing! God is good and he does provide. About the clothes, space bags are great! It will shrink the size of clothes dramatically so you could put them at teh bottom of your suitcase and your clothes on top without losing that much room. Big lots usually has them on sale too! If you can't find them I think I might have some extras

Living a Changed Life said...
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Jennifer said...

That's a great idea!! Thanks Kristen! I will have to look for them and if I can't find them I will let you know.

Kat said...

This is amazing to hear. God is so good, even though we don't deserve it. Thanks for sharing. It's a good reminder, especially has so many people are struggling.

Jennifer said...

You're welcome. God has really used these ladies to touch my heart and I couldn't help but share about them.


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