Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Texas State Fair

As promised here are pictures from our trip to the Texas State Fair. We went with our friends, Bryan, Tabitha, and their son Wyatt.

The five of us had such a fun time! I posted a bunch of pictures and I think they speak for themselves. I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Jon and I ready to go to the fair! We walked down to Bryan and Tabitha's house early Saturday morning. We wanted to be able to get on the road and beat any traffic as we went into the city.

We made it in great time and actually arrived before the big crowds got there! We were thankful that we did not have to park a mile away.

Welcome to the Texas State Fair!!

We were able to attend a demonstration to watch how to milk a cow. This was not the old-fashioned way that my Dad did when he was living on a Dairy farm. From the looks of it, things have come a long ways.

Here's the milk, straight from the cow!

Big Tex, who was very large.

Me, Tabitha, and sleeping Wyatt. He needed a nap, but just wanted to be held. Poor guy was a little overwhelmed with all the people around us.

Jon and Bryan

Wyatt loves the water, so Jon took him over to the fountain to get wet.

A VERY, BIG, Ferris Wheel. I've heard that it is the largest in the Northern Hemisphere.

Bryan and Tabitha on the Ferris Wheel.

Jon, Wyatt, and I on the Ferris Wheel.

The Dallas Skyline. The view from the top of the Ferris wheel was amazing. It was so much fun.

Jon and Wyatt, just taking in the view. This was Wyatt's first fair ride!

Yes I ate some fair food. We ate some Funnel Cake Fries and a bite of the Fried Smores Poptart. Honestly, the smell of fried food was completely overwhelming and at times disgusting. We all shared these treats and they were good, but I would have been fine without them. My how things change.

The Funnel Cake Fries

On our way home we stopped at Chipotle, which was so much better than eating at the fair!


Chelle said...

Wyatt is getting so big! Loved the view from the ferris wheel. And I totally understand about changes in food preferences. I am so curious as to how I will react to eating American food again.

Jennifer said...

Yep. Wyatt just keeps growing! He's almost 2. That will be interesting. I bet that American food is harder for your body to process, so that might be an issue. How will the switch to Chinese food for three weeks be for you?


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