Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday: First Impressions

I found this picture and asked Jon if he would write today's flashback post for us. Enjoy!!

This picture was taken in Spring of 2000. We all wore these bright yellow shirts when we moved to China. The purpose of the yellow shirts were so that my parents could make sure we all stayed together and no one got lost.

The first thing you notice about China when you step off the plane are the smells, signs around the airport not in English, and how filthy it is. The next thing would be the number of people. They were all staring at us because we were each a 老外 lao wai (foreign devil).

It was funny, because we ended up sitting out in front of the airport for about 2 hours. We had landed early and were waiting to be picked up. There were some Chinese people that stayed and stared at us the whole time, especially with our 28 pieces of luggage or more!

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Chelle said...

Hey Jon, can't wait to have that initial experience myself. It is so interesting to hear your experience as a teenager. That must have been so hard at first! But I am glad you and your family love China


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