Thursday, April 16, 2009

McKinney Historical Run

Let me be the first to say that I think I have gone mad. But before I tell you why let me start at the beginning. You see I have been losing weight with Weight Watchers since November 2008. To date I have lost 45 pounds, which is 20% of my body weight!! Much of my weight loss has happened with very little, inconsistent exercise; however I wanted to become more consistent in my exercise routine. Little did I know that Weight Watchers would be right there to help me.

This week Weight Watchers launched it's "Walk-!T Challenge". They are creating walking groups all over the country and encouraging people to either join a walking team or sign up for a 5K marathon walk or run. But that's not all, WW said that they would also give you access to free training plans to help you over the next 8 weeks so that you could be in shape for you marathon.

I couldn't believe it!! I was so excited!! One thing I have always wanted to do before I die is to run in a marathon. I see it as such a great accomplishment that I knew this could be the motivation for which I had been searching.  I immediately thought to myself, "This is perfect!". I went right to the computer to find myself a race that I could run in. Why a run you ask? Well I love to walk and I knew that I could walk well, but I was really looking for something that would challenge me. I knew that a 5K run was just the challenge I needed.

I will be honest and tell you that I didn't actually sign myself up for the run. I was extremely nervous and asked Jon to sign me up, that's what husbands are for right? I am signed up to run in the McKinney Historical Run, a 5K (3.1 miles) run, on August 8th at 8:00 am. I even get a T-shirt!!

So, last night Jon and I went to exercise, I thought I might die. We didn't really run, our time was more broken into walk, run, walk, run, etc. But I didn't die! I am so nervous about this, but I am sure that after several weeks that the nervousness will wear off, please pray it does. I have never been a runner and who knows this may be the only run I ever participate in, but I need to try. I do not want first place, but I do want to finish the race.

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Kristen said...

aww girl how awesome is that!! Good for you, setting goals, and accomplishing them! I am so proud!!! I know you can do it!!


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