Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oklahoma Trip

Hello Friends,

This will officially be my first blog, weird. I remember when I used to spend all my time on the computer talking with people and now I'm lucky if I get a couple minuets to check my email.

Anyway back to the original topic. I thought I would give a brief update on what I have been up too. This month my Advanced turbines class had the privilege of going up to Tulsa, OK and visiting the American Airlines (AA) maintenance facility. This was pretty amazing, it is really hard to get to visit these type of places for security and other reasons. 
The main purpose of the trip was to get to see how they monitored their engines while they we're in operation, engine tests/run-ups, and how they overhaul the big engines. 

It was pretty amazing we have an old CF6 on campus that AA donated to us a while back but to get to walk around a bunch of new engines and see how huge they were in comparison was pretty amazing. We had a great group of tour leaders as they took us through different sections of the facility. We even got a special tour to see their pulse-line, this is a facility where they bring their planes in for maintenance and pull everything apart to inspect it and put it back together in just 12 days I think is what the guide said. We got to step into an MD80 that had just come in that morning fully decked out to carry passengers and when we had gotten there the plane was stripped to its skin, so cool. 

Anyway that is probably one of the most interesting things I have done this semester other than my solo cross countries to different places. Last weekend I had the opportunity to fly all the way to St. Louis, Illinois.

Until my next long

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Jennifer said...

It's nice to see you post something. Is this what you do in the early hours of the morning to avoid homework? I love you so much!!


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