Friday, November 21, 2008

The Holidays are Here

I thought I would say Hi and let you know that we are still alive here in good old Longview, even though it is freezing.  I have had to turn on the heater it is so cold.

Jon is trying to complete his flight instructor notebook, which has to be about 250 pages long.  He is also trying to study for all of these tests that he has to complete before finals week.  It doesn't make much sense to me to have tests two weeks before you have to take finals, but that's why I am simply the wife and not the educator.

I still love my job at LeTourneau and I feel blessed everyday that I get to work there and interactive with the people that God has put in my life right now.  I am constantly receiving positive feedback and encouragement so I know I am doing a great job.  I feel like we just do not deserve the things that the Lord is blessing us with, but God is good and knows what He is doing.  

Jon and I are also care group leaders for our Sunday school class and though I don't feel I have time to call the people in my group some weeks, God is continuing to give me a heart for the people in our class.  God has put some amazing people in our lives who love us more then we ever thought they would.  God is so good!!

The highlight of the season is that Jon's family is coming to visit us on December 12th!!  They are staying with us through Christmas until December 28th!!  We can't wait!  We already put up all of our Christmas decorations, because I knew we would not have time to do it until after they arrived.  I am the kind of person who wants everything ready when someone gets here and I want them to feel welcomed and right at we will see what happens.

This is our Christmas tree this year. Isn't it beautiful!?

It has been incredible to see how the Lord is providing the way for Jon's family to come and stay with us.  Not to mention that we have received numerous offers from people to help us with almost anything we will need that we don't have.  So other then food I will not have to go and buy anything extra for their stay.  I told you God was good.

This is me putting together our new DVD bookcase.

We rearranged, but doesn't it look good!?

We went with Bryan and Tabitha to ShoGun for Tabitha's birthday!

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Amanda Smith said...

God IS good! I am so encouraged to hear how God has been taking care of you and Jon! God is amazing! I love you friend!


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