Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some Much Needed Encouragement

This last week has been full of some much needed encouragement for both Jon and I. Last Thursday we received not one, but two phone calls from people we miss and love!! It is like God knew that we needed to talk to both of them. We miss them and it was good to catch up with them.

Saturday night, I, Jen went to Russell and Ginger's to have hot pot with some friends. Jon was a work and it was so nice to not come home and simply be by myself. It was sad that Jon could not come too, but it was good for me to hang-out with and meet Dylan & Ellie (another couple that live in married student housing).

Then on Sunday we decided to go to Macedonia Baptist Church with our friends Russell & Ginger. Jon and I agree that this is the friendliest church that we have been too since we have come to Texas. We are planning on going back next week and attending a Sunday school class for young married couples who do not have children (which would be us!!) We are excited to already know several couples from this church. Russell & Ginger; Dylan & Ellie; and Thomas & Christy all live in LeTourneau married student housing and attend Macedonia Baptist which is exciting!!

Other then that Jon is busy with mid-terms and really looking forward to spending time with his family March 11th-15th!!

We love and miss you all!! Just trying to keep you in the loop : ) !

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Michelle J. McMartin said...

I love you too!!!!!!


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