Friday, June 22, 2007

Our Exciting Week!!

There have been some really exciting things happening in our lives recently in the aviation department. This past Tuesday Jon had his FIRST SOLO! It was amazing, honestly he has been waiting for weeks to be able to do this, and due to the weather it was delayed time and time again. But not on Tuesday!! He texted me to let me know he went, because I wasn't there I was at work. He was thrilled.

Then he asked me if I would like to fly with him this week. So today I went flying with Jon as my pilot for the first time!! It was fun, and exciting to be able to share something so dear to his heart!! It was great. Pray that Jon will have good weather to be able to finish his summer class and get his Private's license sooner then later! We love and miss you all!!

Jon the day he soloed!!


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