Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Blog Site!

Preface: Well it has been a while since we have written and given any of you an update on how we are doing. We do apologize to all of you who have been checking to see what we have been up to and found nothing. Here is the update you have been waiting for. We have decided not to pay to renew our account for the apple website that we had. So we were looking for a new place to blog and post pictures for all of you who don't have MySpace and/or Facebook. I (Jen) like staying connected with people and I think that the internet is great for that!!

We have been married for 10 months now and it has been a challenging few months at that. Let’s just say that we have been extremely busy. We love being married, and learning new things about each other everyday. But even though we are enjoying married life, it has come with its own set of challenges. God has thrown a lot our way this year, but we are continuing to trust in Him and to know that He has our best interest at heart.

As for each of us, Jon is taking 18 credit hours at LeTourneau, and working almost 25 hours a week. We make time to see each other and to have a night together, but there are always things we are thinking about things that we need to be doing. Jon is almost done with his flight part of the semester, and once he finishes then he can just fly for fun! He is still working at the Olive Garden and enjoying being a trainer there. He is ready to be done with school, but has decided to take less credits to get the most out of his time at school. So he will graduate in Spring 2010.

As for me, I am still working at Old Navy, but I also got a student worker position at LeTourneau. It was a pay cut, but I am getting to know people on campus and we are praying that God uses it to lead to something full-time. I am also taking 7 credits here at school to finish my degree. Which will finally be completed this December! My parents have also recently decided to separate which has been extremely difficult on me. It is hard to be so far away from them in the hard time.

We will try to be better at writing more often, but most of you have our information so please don’t be afraid to call of write us anytime. We hope to hear from you soon!


Chelle said...

I LOVE YOU! Just wanted you to hear from me, that's all. = )

bahner.stephen said...

Hi Jen,
Thank you for keeping us updated on what is going on. =) It is great to hear from you. (I'm glad u have this site, b/c my work blocks people from myspace =(.
The first year of marriage is tough. Getting used to each other's littlest things. Stephanie & I have gotten past some of it by now..but we still find things that drive one another nuts. =) We're doing really good now & i know you all will too. God leads us along the path of life & he provides too. =)
I'm excited for you to be finishing your degree! =) I'll bet that's such a good feeling. =) Well, i've gotta work. I love you sister & pray that God gives you all you need to continue on in srong perseverance,



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