Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Good One Gone

As I am sitting here in thinking about how to start and what to write I look outside and it is just pouring down rain outside. It is coming down harder then I have ever seen it come down before and all I can think is that God is doing this for me. Sometimes we feel emotions so deep within our hearts that it is impossible to know how to express them. We don’t know what to do in a time of lose, but we know that God does. He helps us express what we need to, and through this rain right now I know that He feels the pain that I and my family are feeling right now. God is amazing!!
This morning it was God’s will to take one of His children home to be with Him. As many of you know Jon’s grandma has been fighting for her life, for over a year now. She started out in China, was in Thailand and finally in Hollywood, Ca where she died this morning. Her name was Matilda and this was not the first battle that God had asked her to fight. A cancer survivor Grandma knew what is meant to suffer and yet continue to remain faithful to her Lord. Even in her old age she courageously moved to China to be with Jon’s family.
She was not the only one though fighting for her. Jon’s family has been with Grandma every step of the way, and it has been a long year and a half for all of them. I ask you to please take some time and lift this family, my family up to the Lord in prayer. Currently, Dave (Jon’s Dad) is the only one in California. He flew back from China, where Lisa and the kids are, to be with his Mom when he heard she had worsened.
Currently I have no details on a service or any funeral arrangements. Please pray for finances and that plans would be work out smoothly. Thank you. We appreciate and covet your prayers.

Prayer Request Recap:
- That God would comfort the family. That no one would feel bitterness towards God or resentment in anyway.
- Finances, that Jon would have money to fly to the funeral. Also that his family would have money to get back and make the arrangements they need to.

Thank you!

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Rachel Newsham said...

Wow, thank you so much... It was so good to read that! I hope you guys are also doing ok!


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