Sunday, April 22, 2007

Longing for Portland

Four Months!! That is how long it has been since Jon and I have been in the good old Northwest. Today here in Longview, it was beautiful! The sun was shining all day. We had the windows open and the fans going and it was truely wonderful. So it is not completely terrible here.

Currently, Jon is in the thick of studying for finals and trying to get all he needs to get done for school in the next two weeks. Then as soon as this semester is over he is starting in on summer semester. I think he is going to enjoy summer semester much more then this one, because he is going start flying! And considering that is what we are here for it is really exciting. Jon has also been asked by Olive Garden to be a trainer, so he has a meeting with them next week to see if that is going to take place!

As for me, I am now working at Old Navy. It is a million times less stressful the Olive Garden. These last few weeks I have barely worked 20 hours a week. However, they are beginning to work me into their schedule better, and giving me more hours which is great! I still have 7 credits to finish so that I can get my degree from Multnomah, but currently I don't have much motivation to PLEASE PRAY FOR ME.

In case you haven't heard...I am coming to Portland in June! Jon cannot come because he has class, but I am going to be there to see my sister graduate. I can't wait!! Then she is going to fly back with me and visit Jon and I for a little while. We are thrilled and trying to get the second room ready so that some one can stay in it : ).

I think that's all. We love and miss all of you!! Please feel free to call or write us anytime you get a minute...we would love to hear from you.


LaVonne Campen Ruter said...

I like you guys.

Bobbi Marie Hubbell said...

Jennifer you look so good!! So does Jon!! I am so excite to be graduating, 7 weeks from last friday!!! YAY!!


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