Sunday, October 8, 2006

Humbled with Praise

For those of you who did not know, Jon's family has been stuck in Thailand for about 6 months with his grandmother. She has been very sick and fighting for her life for quite sometime. There has been some much that has gone on that I could not tell you in such a short time.

However please Praise The Lord!!! We just found out this afternoon from Jon's family (Sunday Oct. 8 Bangkok time) that Grandma will be transported to Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Hollywood, California tomorrow afternoon. She is leaving on Thai Airways Flight TG794. She will arrive in Los Angeles October 9th at 20:40 in the evening. From there she will be transported by ambulance to Kaiser.

Please pray for her and for them because we will not be able to accompany her. Their dilemma right now is not knowing what They should do. The insurance will not pay for a family member to accompany her. They have not had time to make a reservation and the flights are very expensive right now.

So please, please pray for them. Thank You!


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